Choosing a computer repair company

Get a A Referral

The very best chance you have of choosing a great local computer repair company is if you're referred to one, ideally by several individuals who you trust. If many people had a great experience with one particular computer repair company, the chance of you receiving similar service is very good.

Use the search facility and find those who have great reviews from independent review sites. 

Check Them Out

Call them, browse their website, visit their shop if they have one. Pay attention to other customers who are dropping off or picking up their repaired computers. Are they happy or are they doing a lot of complaining?  Observe the computer repair technicians - do they seem knowledgeable, professional and helpful? Is the queue being dealt with in a polite and efficient manner? If not, go elsewhere.

Get a Quote

If available get a quote, ideally in writing before agreeing to any work. This way, everyone knows where they stand. It is common practice to charge a fee for a quote where a physical assessment of your computer  is required, refundable if you decide to go ahead with having your computer repaired.

Save time. Get a quote from a local repairer.

 If it's Too Good to Be True...

Everyone needs to make a living. If you call 3 repairers and get one quote which is half the price of the others, the likelihood is that the company will not be around to help you when the your 'repaired' computer fails again in a week. 

Pricing varies by area and exact service. For example you should for example expect to pay more for a home or office visit to have your computer repaired, than when you drop it off at a shop.

Search for a reliable computer repairer in your area.

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